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Fire Dance show by Coming True (Taiwan) perform at IBEAM on 6.6.2015, Don't miss it out!

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Coming True火舞團

終於在2013年,台灣「東北大火全國火舞大賽」中兩人相遇,用各自醞釀許久的表演與各方好手展開一場大對決,最後由豆腐榮獲全國冠軍,光頭則獲得全國亞軍;不打不相識,兩位表演者因此意識到彼此對表演的熱情與決心,進而組成了Coming True舞團,並於隔年2014年「東北大火全國火舞大賽」中榮獲團體組全國冠軍,強勢成軍。
< COMING TRUE > A fire dancing duet from Taiwan. Both performers aged 23-year-old, are Guo YanFu & Cai HongYi. Holding on to a goal & dream which is to share this “Dangerous yet Beautiful” art with the world.
Many have asked of all elements; Why did we choose to dance with fire? It’s because we love the show, the way fire moves in the dark atmosphere and being able to present this fire in our hands with so many different variations but due to the closure & suppression from the Taiwanese society fire dancing continues to lose it’s flare. Under the impact of our public opinions and environmental pressures, we have struggled and went through a lot to keep this art alive.
Both performers Guo YanFu and Cai HongYi, found their interest during their schooling era. They were in the same school, participating in the same club where their seniors were trying out theater stage show performance effect. It was there and then their hearts grew close and full of passion for fire dancing and it ended up changing their lives together.
After graduating from high school, Guo YanFu went to the University of Southern Taiwan, Cai HongYi remained in the northern Taiwan, although the two of them were living apart one in the north and the other in the south. They continued to study the art of fire dancing as street performers; it was how they became strong in their performance strength and experienced this form of art.
Finally in 2013, during Taiwan’s “Dance of the Northeast fires nationwide competition; these two performers met head to head for a showdown. In the end of this competition the national championship was won by Guo YanFu, Cai HongYi took down the national runner-up; it did not affect the two performers relation, instead they showed each other even more respect and it became aware that their passion and determination were over the top. They then formed < Coming True > and on the next year of “Dance of the Northeast fires nationwide competition” they took part as a team and won the national championship 2014. Not to leave out the solo catergories, taking them down too.
Fire Dancing is an act which needs more devotion and commitment than other performances, also controling of the flames need to be mastered. Our body would have more scars than other acts but we are not afraid, we have been eager and we agree to work with this fire.

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